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Wicked is good

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"This trip doesn’t end when you get back home. You never get off this train. You’re a mentor now."

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oh, she got both feet on the ground, and she’s burning it down.
she’s not backing down. 
this girl is on fire.
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make me choose:
anonymous asked: peeta or rue

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you think achilles was of impressive descent?
touch me one more time.
maybe it’s time we found out
what the daughter of the mightiest god
can do. (x)

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Because I’m selfish. I’m a coward. I’m the kind of girl who, when she might actually be of use, would run to stay alive and leave those who couldn’t follow to suffer and die. Inspired by this beautiful edit (x)

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Yes, victors are our strongest. They’re the ones who survived the arena and slipped the noose of poverty that strangles the rest of us. They, or should I say we, are the very embodiment of hope where there is no hope. And now twenty-three of us will be killed to show how even that hope was an illusion.

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I squeeze my eyes shut and try to reach for him across the hundreds and hundreds of miles, to send my thoughts into his mind, to let him know he is not alone.

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"You have provided a spark, that left unattended,

may grow into an inferno

that d e s t r o y s Panem”

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the hunger games trilogy meme; [1/9] characters

My name is Katniss Everdeen. I am seventeen years old. My home is District 12. There is no District 12. I am the Mockingjay. I brought down the Capitol. President Snow hates me. He killed my sister. Now I will kill him. And then the Hunger Games will be over….

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“I’m more than just a piece in their Games.” 

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